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I'm back Livejournal, time to kick ass and start posting again.
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It's been very long since I've written anything in here, very long. My last post says it all; but it leaves much desire of knowing if I was indeed able to crush my enemies. Since then, those terrible days of 2007 and 2008 have long passed leaving their scars and teachings on my life. Much has changed and there is a no need for me to go ahead and stick my head in a past that could have and should have been different.

It is only fair to say that those days are over, becoming faint faded memories in my life, leading me to fortify myself very strongly and therefore breaking down any barriers that had long held me back emotionally.
The odd part is that I feel like I have changed a lot; much of it was forced necessary change, like a force adaptation to the new environment surrounding me. I feel like I have become cold and careless in the void that I have traveled through these past two years; and I have no desire right now to be the guy I once was. I have also gone through great changes in friendships, but I know that I am not the only one.
I have stopped having contact with a great deal of people and I will not try to befriend the likes of them any longer, simply because they have let down once before.

The crucial fact is that more people have left me than remained and I foolishly set in motion a plan, that based on my great passion for wars believed it would strategically succeed while I was oblivious to the fact that you can't be friend with people that you haven't spoken to in very long; no matter how hard I tried to win them over.

While remaining true to many of my old friends, I began to talk to people who I will not mention here because there is no need for me to state who is my friend and who isn't, everyone knows their standing with me and if you don't, let me suggest for you to go smash your face in a mirror.

To continue this massive update, I only wish to speak of things important to me and of things that were important to me in a recent past in order to keep the length of this post a bit smaller than the bible.

Moving on to the second topic of this WOT, I am now going to praise and recognize my lost loyal friends who I am very proud of and happy to have in my life, because YOU guys, make a significant difference, in an insignificant life, in an insignificant material world.
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I have bowed  to crush my enemies.
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restless restless
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how everyone I learn to like...

likes somebody else.

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crushed crushed
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dynamyteman1717 (10:56:09 PM): hey can you haxx0r me too? please?
L0l0l0L 777 (10:58:33 PM): excuse me ?
dynamyteman1717 (10:58:56 PM): well, i just thought with your 1337 scripts and all
dynamyteman1717 (10:59:00 PM): or do you call them scriptz?
L0l0l0L 777 (10:59:17 PM): I dont have any scripts... i dont know what you're talking about
L0l0l0L 777 (10:59:28 PM): I don't even know who you are but...
L0l0l0L 777 (10:59:29 PM): FREAK!
dynamyteman1717 (10:59:37 PM): why, thank you
dynamyteman1717 (10:59:49 PM): are you going to demand my name too, like you did to my salmon friend?
L0l0l0L 777 (11:00:01 PM): i ate your salmon friend.
dynamyteman1717 (11:00:13 PM): i'd check again.
L0l0l0L 777 (11:00:24 PM): i dont know who you are.
L0l0l0L 777 (11:00:26 PM): so peace son.
dynamyteman1717 (11:01:01 PM): whatever. bye.
L0l0l0L 777 (11:01:07 PM): just give me a name.
dynamyteman1717 (11:01:18 PM): oh, so you ARE going to ask for names?
L0l0l0L 777 (11:01:31 PM): well "salmon friend" was bothering me
L0l0l0L 777 (11:01:40 PM): i asked to know who they were
L0l0l0L 777 (11:01:42 PM): they didnt want to tell me
dynamyteman1717 (11:01:53 PM): and so... what did you do?
dynamyteman1717 (11:02:03 PM): because it LOOKS like you used ghosttool 6.
L0l0l0L 777 (11:02:16 PM): i called them a freak, and closed the window
L0l0l0L 777 (11:02:21 PM): what the fuck is ghost tool 6 ?
dynamyteman1717 (11:02:32 PM): meh, nevermind then.
L0l0l0L 777 (11:02:37 PM): okay this is just really weird by now
L0l0l0L 777 (11:02:42 PM): who are you people :\ ?
dynamyteman1717 (11:03:04 PM): we're hackers on steroids
L0l0l0L 777 (11:03:11 PM): yeah "hackers"
dynamyteman1717 (11:03:29 PM): yeah, that was sarcastic. sarcasm doesn't transfer well over the internet.
L0l0l0L 777 (11:03:50 PM): where r u from ?
dynamyteman1717 (11:04:03 PM): why do you care?
L0l0l0L 777 (11:04:10 PM): because you're talking to me
L0l0l0L 777 (11:04:17 PM): you and fish came out of nowhere and started msging me ...
L0l0l0L 777 (11:04:24 PM): how the hell did you guys get my screen name ?
dynamyteman1717 (11:04:29 PM): no idea.
dynamyteman1717 (11:04:41 PM): by what did you mean by "you have two minutes to tell me what your name is or you're going down"?
L0l0l0L 777 (11:05:02 PM): im not going to answer anything else until you tell me who you are
dynamyteman1717 (11:05:18 PM): so, what you're saying is, you DID use that tool?
L0l0l0L 777 (11:05:22 PM): what tool?
L0l0l0L 777 (11:05:25 PM): what are you talking about man ?
dynamyteman1717 (11:05:27 PM): you seem pretty evasive to not be lying.
L0l0l0L 777 (11:05:51 PM): i dont know you
L0l0l0L 777 (11:06:22 PM): i just wanted to know who you people are cuz you keep msging me
dynamyteman1717 (11:06:44 PM): well, we probably wouldn't be bothering you if your threat didn't coincide with something odd happening. maybe you shouldn't throw threats around?
L0l0l0L 777 (11:07:13 PM): maybe you shouldn't message people you don't know
L0l0l0L 777 (11:07:15 PM): you and FISH
dynamyteman1717 (11:07:35 PM): maybe we don't give a fuck
L0l0l0L 777 (11:07:48 PM): then you're a RETARD
L0l0l0L 777 (11:07:52 PM): for messaging people you don't know
L0l0l0L 777 (11:07:59 PM): its pretty weird when a salmon talks to you out of nowhere
L0l0l0L 777 (11:08:05 PM): then his buddy goes "HEY MAN WHATS UP HEY MAN!"
L0l0l0L 777 (11:08:08 PM): only FREAKS do that
dynamyteman1717 (11:08:13 PM): *i* only messaged you because of the aforementioned coincidence
dynamyteman1717 (11:08:18 PM): or what appears to be a coincidence.
L0l0l0L 777 (11:09:03 PM): what coincidence
dynamyteman1717 (11:09:16 PM): (10:06:44 PM) dynamyteman1717: well, we probably wouldn't be bothering you if your threat didn't coincide with something odd happening. maybe you shouldn't throw threats around?
L0l0l0L 777 (11:09:38 PM): threats?!
L0l0l0L 777 (11:09:43 PM): i haven't threatened everyone
dynamyteman1717 (11:09:59 PM): then what DID You mean by "you have two minutes to tell me what your name is or you're going down"?
dynamyteman1717 (11:10:05 PM): it looks like a threat to me.
dynamyteman1717 (11:10:15 PM): is there any other way to interpret "you're going down"?
L0l0l0L 777 (11:10:22 PM): no there isn't
L0l0l0L 777 (11:10:24 PM): and it means
L0l0l0L 777 (11:10:28 PM): YOU HAVE TWO MINUTES!
L0l0l0L 777 (11:10:36 PM): 2 minutes is a pretty long time to tell me your name
dynamyteman1717 (11:10:37 PM): two minutes until what, i wonder?
L0l0l0L 777 (11:10:38 PM): unless you're arab
dynamyteman1717 (11:10:53 PM): HAHAHAHAHA are you going to play the terrorist card?
dynamyteman1717 (11:11:01 PM): NICE TRY, SIR
dynamyteman1717 (11:11:16 PM): except not.
L0l0l0L 777 (11:11:22 PM): im gonna start contacting homeland security
L0l0l0L 777 (11:11:24 PM): because by now
L0l0l0L 777 (11:11:30 PM): you're harassing me on the internet
dynamyteman1717 (11:12:11 PM): you know what else? modern chat clients have a "block" button that i'm sure you're aware of. you have no excuse to take ANY legal action against me.
L0l0l0L 777 (11:12:37 PM): internet harassment...
dynamyteman1717 (11:12:42 PM): oh, and homeland security? i'm sure that if they bothered reading the entire message you're supposedly going to send they'd laugh. laugh their asses off.
L0l0l0L 777 (11:12:47 PM): thats more than a reason
dynamyteman1717 (11:13:03 PM): maybe you should send it to the FBI too? i'm SURE they deal with internet harrassment too!
L0l0l0L 777 (11:13:19 PM): Maybe you have a small wang and you're afraid to admit it.
L0l0l0L 777 (11:13:20 PM): LAter.
dynamyteman1717 (11:13:29 PM): good comeback. bye
dynamyteman1717 signed off at 11:13:36 PM.
dynamyteman1717 is offline and will receive your IMs when signing back in.
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I feel like I am going to get stomped...

By stomped I mean crushed....

I thought everything was fine, I gave space... I gave trust...everything was brought under control.
But LESS THAN two months later, I am once again observing a giant  storm cloud gather.

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pessimistic pessimistic
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since when did women become such FUCKIN RETARDS!?
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enraged enraged
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After tonights results and a few days of procrastination...
I figured I'd write and say a few words about the current state of things and my life.


Well work wasn't really doing much for me, I mean I was looking for a very long time to get into a bank like BoA or WaMu ... and I actually got two or three calls, but it all led to nothing and I found myself back at the starting line looking at the options before me, patiently waiting. But just last week, when I was about to resend 3 applications to 2 WaMu positions on 71st street and another to the BoA on 75th, my department manager called me over and asked me what the earliest time I could be at work would be ... and I thought "she's just going to change my schedule around again..." but I decided to ask why anyway, and her answer was that she was going to move me to C.S.S. and I was to begin my training Sunday the 20th (Which I only did 2 hours under very low pressure >.> ...) Anyways I was happy with the news, since the banks hadn't payed off, this unexpected turn of events would at least  compensate for my lack of success elsewhere. Tomorrow I'm supposed to complete my training (it was supposed to be 3 full days) but I didn't go to work on Tuesday and on Sunday they were short on people for the morning so I was forced to stay on a register most of the day, aside the fact that the Assistant Manager had absolutely no clue of my promotion and aside from the fact that he is a fucking jackass and cannot read.

Family & Friends

Family is and has been good, there hasn't been any problems or emergencies for a while which is a good thing and things seem stable, we're going to Disney World with my dad, his girlfriend and my sister sometime in February, I'm trying to delay it till the 3rd week for personal reasons.
I can't say that I feel things could be much better, because nothing is wrong in the first place. Things just happen to be the way they are, people are living their own lives and they've made new friends or are busy with their lives and don't have the luxury of hanging out as much as they used to. For example, work takes most of my day sometimes since I usually work at night, although I do have a stable day off (Saturdays) and whatever...
There are those that have remained loyal and close to me, you know who you are and you know that I appreciate that. Those that remain will be rewarded.
The situation could definately improve and I will spend the remainder of the month and February closing the gaps that currently exist between me and people that were once close to me and if it fails... there shall be new friends to replace them.

<3 ???

Hmmm...2007 definately proved to be a tough year, overall an ok year but it had too many sour moments... lots of different scenarios could have formed....
I'm not completely pleased with the current situation... . Distance causes the greatest strains as well as local confusion that after 3 months of pursuit has apparently ended with no favorable results except the preservation of friendship.
I have to see and I pray to god that 2008 is vastly superior to 2007 in every way possible.

For now all I can do is relax and watch the events before me develop while I have the complete power to alter every since result and decision in front of me... I hope that I am able to get all the best results out of all the scenarios to follow.

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I don't have much to say except women are too fucking complicated...
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discontent discontent
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The weather has been weird, I've had awkward moments...

I don't know it's just not normal ...

I have never felt this confused... but I will solve it quickly.

I hope it's not surprising.

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weird weird
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That secret santa bullshit was all fucked up, 4 or 5 times?
And I had gotten who I wanted to get TWICE in a row, how lucky could I be? But they had to ruin it for me.
Well, at least they thought... I ended up getting who I wanted through other means...through my sneakyness...but it's funny because it's a secret santa thing and I knew who got "who" whithin 5 minutes of it being over.
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I really need to grab this bull by it's horns and take it down.

What to do?

Say fuck it or fight for it?
And what about the lingering memories...brought up a few nights ago.

What about that...



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crappy crappy
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one loud yell that keeps looping itself...over and over again...


everything gets worse as i dig deeper, I NEED A TOW TRUCK TO TAKE ME OUT THIS HOLE MAN!

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in a bad movie, everything has improved momentarily :)
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lame ass people taking my ideas and things I say .....

ridiculous and unacceptable.


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angry angry
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I thought it was me. The relief and happiness I would feel if it was me would lead me to a state of ecstasy...

But I doubt it's me. It's not me. The negativeness has started and will not stop. I hope for a minute, and reality hit's me with a brick that's saying

"Wake up you dumbass, you had your chance...it's not you. It'll never be you. You're never going to be at that point again ..."

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depressed depressed
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I pwn the problem. I am like mr. wolf, do you know who mr. wolf is ?

Problems are not of my league.

Anyways...shit's been weird lately....agh.

I think in the end...a lot of things should have been different. I'd actually be happy.

-.- ...

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